News Releases

June 30, 2014  Distribution Of Annual Report
June 23, 2014  Eastcoal Announces Implementation Of Proposal, Board Changes And Resumption Of Trading On AIM
May 30, 2014  Eastcoal Announces Fiscal First Quarter 2014 Results
May 21, 2014  Eastcoal Announces Court Approval Of Proposal
May 01, 2014  EastCoal Announces Full Year Fiscal 2013 Results
April 23, 2014  EastCoal Announces Creditor Approval of Proposal
April 11, 2014  EastCoal Convenes Meeting of Creditors
March 05, 2014  EastCoal Announces Further Extension of Period to Make Proposal to Creditors
February 26, 2014  EastCoal Inc. Announces Completion of Disposal of Assets and Suspension of Trading on AIM
January 17, 2014  Eastcoal Announces Approval of Court Application
January 16, 2014  EastCoal Inc. Announces Disposal of Assets